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Watts® Kwik-Change™ Systems (Counter-Top / Under-Sink)
Kwik-Change Dual Kit
Triple system  installed under the sink
Dual System on kitchen counter-top
Watts® offers a complete line of filtration systems with Kwik-Change™ cartridges for the home, office, factory, restaurant, cafes & even on board ships.

Two models are available:
Dual system with carbon and ultrafiltration (UF) cartridges;
Triple system with sediment, carbon and ultrafiltration (UF) cartridges

Stage #1: Sediment pre-filter to reduce sediment, dirt, rust particles, silt and suspended matter. Recommended change every 3-6 months.

Stage #2: Carbon block pre-filter to reduce chlorine, organic chemicals, bad taste and odours. Recommended change every 3-6 months.

Stage #3: Ultrafiltration hollow fiber membrane to remove bacteria, cyst, blood cells.  Recommended change every 6-12 months.

Systems can be installed on counter-top or under-sink, keeping your kitchen and pantry neat and tidy.   Kwik Change

To maintain your Kwik-Change™ purifier, just replace the cartridges. It is so easy! Just a simple 1/4 turn to install and remove.
Click here for Watts® Kwik-Change™ Cartridge Drinking Water System product brochure.
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+(65) 6440 3680
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Drinking Water Kits 
Description Pic
Dual System, carbon & UF membrdane cartridge
Triple system, sediment, carbon & UF  membrane cartridges
Note: All kits come with long reach chrome faucet, saddle valve and tubing

Replacement Elements
Description Pic
Kwik-Change™ sediment cartridge, 5 micron
Kwik-Change™ carbon block cartridge
Kwik-Change™ hollow fibre membrane cartridge