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Measure your RO water quality with TDS meter


Watts® Kwik-Change™ Cartridge Reverse Osmosis System
The Watts Kwik Change RO System provides you with quality Reverse Osmosis drinking water and takes the hassle out of changing the filters. Filters are colour coded and quickly changed with a single 1/4 turn twist. No more wrenches & no messy filter housings to deal with! Internal valves also shut off flow when cartridges are removed.

WQA Gold Seal Certified
The RO system comes in 11" cartridge sizes with a 4-stage treatment for safe drinking water.

Stage #1: Pre-filter to reduce sediment, dirt, rust particles, silt and suspended matter. Recommended change every 3-6 months.

Stage #2: Carbon block pre-filter to reduce chlorine  Recommended change every 3-6 months

Stage #3: RO Membrane primary filter to reduce bacteria, virus and cyst; and reduce dissolved solids and contaminants. Recommended change every 1 - 2 years.

Stage #4: Post-filter Granulated Activated Carbon (GAC) to remove odour and improve taste. Recommended change every 1 year.

Click here for Watts® Kwik-Change™ Cartridge RO System product brochure.
Kwik-Change™ cartridges
It's so easy! Just a simple 1/4 turn to install and remove.
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How to Order
Email: up_sales@ultrapure.com.sg
+(65) 6440 3680
+(65) 9088 9188
Fax: +(65) 6440 3679
Terms & Conditions
Model Number Stage Capacity (GPD) Size Elements Faucet Tank
WQC4RO11-50PT 4 50 11" Top Mount RO-PRO®
Note: All models come with 3/8" tubing to tank and to faucet

Measure your RO water quality with TDS meter

11" Replacement elements for all Kwik-Change™ RO systems
Part Number Type Use Size Pic
WQCSC11 Sediment Pre-filtration 11"
WQCCC11 Carbon block Pre-filtration 11"
WQCGAC11 GAC Post-filtration 11"
WQCM11-50 Membrane Primary filtration 11"